Two-segment valve



The design of the two-segment valve can be used in the pipe systems with various operating parameters and flow passages in the petroleum, chemical, power generation, nuclear industry:

- Shutoff and regulating for clean and slightly contaminated fluids (alternative to ball valves and dampers type "Butterfly"),

- Shutoff and control valves for the slurry,

- quick cut-off valves,

- anti stalling and surging valves;

- Safety valves.


Two-segment valve. Position «Close» Two-segment valve. Position «Open»


• High resource characteristics which contributes to:

- A significant increase in wear resistance of the sealing surfaces and increasing resource of the valve;

- Easy to move the shutter and the smooth control of the working environment;

- Reduce the possibility of sticking surfaces of the gate in the extreme positions.

• Ability to use a two-segment valve at stalling and surging modes.

• Ability to work in production environments with temperatures up to +385 ° C, up to PN 320 to DN ≥300

• Low power consumption of the drive.

• two-sided seal allows smoother adjustment with high pressure drop and ensure higher shutter tightness.

• The design of the valve allows to work with highly polluted (slurry) medium, using before the final closing of valve the effect of washes (purge) of clean medium into inner of the cavity of the valve.

• For a two-segment is characterized by the rapid opening of the valve gate under pressure drop with a pressure relief from the interior through the bypass.