The connecting device for loading of LN gas to rail tank cars

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The connecting devices are applied for unloading and loading of rail tank cars of liquefied petroleum gases and liquid hydrocarbons under pressure.

The connecting device consists of the following parts and components:
• Connector assembly;
• Rotary joint;
• Flex- stainless steel metal hose;
• Outrigger (know-how).
The connecting subassembly is installed and attached to the valve body by means clamp of connecting node of the rail tank.
The design of the connecting subassembly allows turning the flex- stainless steel hose within 180 ° around the axis of the connecting subassembly.
The rotary joint prevents the hose from the axial turning.
The constituent elements of flex-stainless steel hose: flexible corrugated inner tube and the outer sheath of the wire made of stainless steel.


Working medium pressure, PN, Mpa


Working medium temperature, оС

from -45 to +50

Environment temperature, оС

от -50 до +100

Electrical resistance, ohm, no more


Operating life, year, no less