Valve with magnetic pressure mechanism

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The valve with magnetic pressure mechanism instead of springs has two cylindrical magnets from rare-earth metals and has a big resource at high temperatures up to + 300 º C.  The location of magnets in polymer tappets make it possible to use force of the magnetic field instead of the spring force, provides a spacious cavity between the magnetic pairs and serviceable of the valve.

Valves constructed from plastic resistant to corrosion and abrasive, have weak adhesion, increased toughness and high operating temperatures. The service life of these parts could meet the requirements of continuous operation for 2 years or more.

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The spherical surface of the cross section of rings and their self-installing ensures excellent tightness of the valve. The rings disposed independently and control the possible passage of solids and pass them through the valve, reducing the risk of seal failure. New generation valve with magnetic pressure mechanism consists mainly of the saddle, lift limiter, the locking elements and pressure mechanism.
Springless mechanism provides the reliability and durability of the valve in high contamination of the working environment.