Composite materials

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Composites materials are designed for seal units and friction bearings. These materials can perfectly work in air and in corrosive environments, high vacuum and cryogenic temperatures.

It is used as sealing rings and cuffs without oil in the piston compressors, end bearings and seals, as bearings and sliding pistons and shafts  etc. Wear resistance of composites materials more that  2 times greater than the material flubon-20 and all the widely known types of fluoropolymer composition F4K20, F4K15M5, AFGM and etc.

Friction coefficient of the composite material 30-50% lowers than the widely applicable F4K20 composition that provides appreciable energy savings by reducing friction losses.


  • abrasion resistance;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • resistance to mechanical deformation;
  • Reduced susceptibility to thermal deformation.