Heat exchangers

High efficiency heat exchangers – new design thermally conductive surface, made of spiral coiled pipes with small bending radius.

Application properties

Pressure up to  200 bar, temperature up to 600 º C.
Adapted to operating conditions with cyclic load. Woork medium - all liquids and gases.
Materials for high efficiency heat exchangers are chosen depending on operating conditions.
Possibility to manufacture heat exchangers accordingto customer's specified parameters.


• Heat conductivity efficiency 
High current turbulence between and inside the pipes increases the efficiencyof heat exchange process in heat exchangers and lowers their weight and size properties.
• Durability working with cyclic load
Thermally conductive surface of the heat exchanger, made of small radius spiral pipes, ensure compensation of thermal expansion while fast heat up and cooling.


 • Self cleaning from residues
High turbulence current in heat exchangers do not let to form residues and settle them on the surface of the pipes. Design of the heat exchangres lets to clean them from residues by hydraulic impact method.
• Application in different working environments
Heat exchangers can be used for work in different medium (liquids and gases).
• Easy maintence
Verticaly placed small radius spiral pipes give opportunity to install/deinstall heat exchangers and perform service work.